In our effort to stay eco-friendly and responsible for our planet, we do everything possible to stay Green.

By participating in Green Business Program, We use eco-friendsly chemicals for sterilization and green methods of infection control.

Our Eco-Friendly dental practice uses:

  • Digital Office - 100% Digital Record Keeping, Digital Claim Submittals
  • Steam sterilization instead of chemical-based sterilization
  • Toxic cold-sterilization methods are eliminated
  • Eco-friendly, hospital-grade disinfectants are used to clean dental operatories
  • Non-toxic alternatives for infection control and sterilization have the same or greater effectiveness in getting the job done, while protecting the health and safety of dental practitioners, patients and our neighborhoods.

This also eliminates the "Dental Office" smell, which usually eliminates the "Dental Office Anxiety"

Digital Office

We have very minimal usage of paper and printer as we have tried to become digital as much as possible. Some of the efforts that we have taken in this direction are:-.

  • 100% digital record keeping of patient data
  • Electronic verification of patient's insurance coverage
  • Electronic claim submittal and invoicing to insurance companies
  • Usage of electronic fax
  • Digital (Low Radiation) X-Ray

Minimal Usage of Mercury Containing Dental Material (Amalgam)

"Silver" amalgam fillings are composed of 50% elemental mercury and 50% other metals, like tin, silver and copper. Due to the high toxicity of elemental mercury, data regarding adverse effects on pregnant women and children, and the unappealing aesthetics of "silver" fillings, many patients do not want the material used in their mouths. Even if your dental professional does not place mercury-containing filling materials, you will want to ensure they have an amalgam separator, which captures the material before it enters our water supplies. .

Minimal Use of Amalgams

We have installed an Amalgam Separator to capture and trap amalgam, which is removed from existing fillings. This equipment keeps mercury-containing filling material from entering our water supply. .

Digital (Low Radiation) X-Ray Systems

Traditional x-ray fixers contain chemicals such as Ammonium Thiocyanate and Boric anhydride. These chemicals are known to be skin, eye and respiratory tract irritants, and hazardous if ingested or inhaled. They also may be toxic to the blood, thyroid, kidneys and liver, and repeated or prolonged exposure can produce target organ damage.

Our State-Of-The-Art dental office has:

  • Digital X-Ray systems
  • High Resolution digital intra-oral cameras
  • High-end/anti-glare LED Operatory lights
  • Soft Tissue Lasers for Periodontal Hygiene
  • Digital dental radiographs (x-rays) expose patients to 70-90% less radiation exposure than traditional dental x-rays.

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